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What else can I say about Apache web servers that haven't already been said? The most stable and still the best HTTP server on the planet. I created the Apache "powered by" image above. They didn't have one with a black background. Feel free to use this .gif on your site. ;-)
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If it has to be secure (and when doesn't it?) this is my favorite FTP server. Rock solid (I mean it!).
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You need some sort of OS to run your HTTP and FTP servers don't you? I found FreeBSD to be extremely stable and secure.
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Although the majority of my site is non-script generated XHTML, other sites hosted on this server have a ton of PHP.
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A really nice DB.
Netcraft is a really good site. Check out how long my servers have been up (Unfortunately FreeBSD 6.1 has moved to a customizable timer and up times cannot be tracked.) and make sure I'm not lying about my OS and HTTP servers.
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How often do I have to update this site to keep up with the new HTML standards? Well at least at this very instant I'm good to go (or maybe not). I'm also a big fan of HTML moving toward XML standards.
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If you're going to do the XHTML, you might as well do the CSS.



Self Portrait - Adam Humphrey